Zanzibar Beaches, East Africa

The island of Zanzibar is part of the Zanzibar Archipelago which is located in the Indian Ocean. The archipelago contains several small islands including Unguja (called Zanzibar) and Pemba. Zanzibar is belongs to the United Republic of Tanzania but is semi-autonomous. Because of the abundance of spice in the islands, the Zanzibar Archipelago is also known as the Spice Islands. 

The Africa beaches of Zanzibar are enveloped in the tropical beauty of the island. Overlooked by brilliant blue skies and deep blue waters, Zanzibar beaches are the envy of many countries around the world. One of the Africa beaches found on Zanzibar is the Nungwi Beach, which is graced with the Indian Ocean’s turquoise waters. Nungwi offers a great escape from the bustle of daily life, offering an excellent opportunity to soak and relax in nature’s bosom. There are also lots of remarkable fishing opportunities between Pemba and Zanzibar, and neighboring fishing villages help add to the unique scenery of this Africa beach. Nungwi Beach Hotel offers professional diver services and features service that caters to all visitor needs.

On the southeast coast, Jambiani beach provides an exciting tropical experience. Kipepeo Lodge enhances the possibilities for comfort and relaxation if visiting Zanzibar and wishing to spend some time on the island with full access to this Africa beach. Accommodation at the Kipepeo Lodge for this Africa beach can be made before traveling to Zanzibar in Tanzania or on online web services that may be directly offered by the Lodge. Bwejuu Beach is situated on the eastern cape of Zanzibar. Graced with quite a few modern shopping areas, this Africa beach is considered to be less crowded and hence more private and quieter than the Zanzibar Africa beaches found on the west of the island. Bwejuu beach offers a tranquil, exhilarating true Africa beach experience. Untouched Africa beaches that line the coasts of the Zanzibar Archipelago are the highlight of the beauty that remains to be discovered in Zanzibar and surrounding islands. Pangani Beach is one of these, featuring beautiful soft white sand beaches, quiet and privacy for couples and nature lovers. Pangani Beach is known for its mangroves; an area that is marked with history stemming from the clashes that occurred between German settlers and local inhabitants. Not only did European settlers see these islands for their beautiful Africa beaches and tropical wonder, but for their strategic location. 

The towns associated with the Pangani area reveal local, as well as British and German features, which add reason to visit these Africa beaches to obtain a firsthand insight of the extent of European settlement and expeditions to conquer new lands. Africa beaches on Zanzibar and neighboring islands each has a special touch. Some are more crowded and visited than other, whilst others are developed for tourists or are either a frequented, choice beach location for local residents. Culture, beauty and traces of modernism converge on these lovely Africa beaches on tropical islands that offer a part of the wonders of Africa to visitors and potential investors. Africa beaches on many of these islands and their surrounding natural environment were designated World Heritage Sites and have been preserved for the protection of these Africa beaches, their history and tradition of the people.

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