Serena Beach, Kenya, East Africa

One of the major highlights of this Africa beach, the Serena beach, is the Serena Beach hotel and Spa. Serena Beach is considered on the most breathtaking beaches found on the coast of the Indian that offers visitors myriads of opportunities for sailing, snorkeling, swimming, diving and lazing. 

It is without question, therefore, that this five star hotel, the Serena Beach Hotel and Spa chose this Africa beach to do business and treat tourists to a unique, luxurious African experience. Exotically blended into the natural landscape of turquoise skies, crystal clear waters and powder white sand beaches, the Serena Beach Hotel and Spa has made the Serena beach in Kenya one of the most sought after holiday destinations in Africa.

The Serena Beach Hotel and Spa on this Africa beach, is well recognized and popular, with hotels, spas and resorts in Mozambique, Uganda, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Rwanda. The services of the hotel complement the beauty of this Africa beach, creating opportunities for diving, snorkeling and sailing on organized tours and with trained professionals in these fields. A long day at the beach can be treated by a soothing spa and massage at the hotel, or a relaxing sleep in gorgeous accommodation. This Africa beach is surely a place to visit if heading to Kenya to ensure that luxury, fun and guaranteed quality service are obtained. Facilities of the hotel of this Africa beach include an ice cream parlor, palm tree lawns, butterfly centre, water sports and PADI dive centre, suites and various types of accommodation, turtle watch program, wedding and honeymoon services, conference rooms, gift shop and hair salon; only to name a few. All of this complemented with the friendly service of the hotel staff. If visiting this beach in Africa and not a guest at the hotel, it is possible to stop and have a drink and take advantage of the facilities and services of the Serena beach hotel while on visit.

This Africa beach is therefore not your regular beach, although being able to have a simple bath or day of tan in the warm tropical sun is not compromised by the surrounding luxury brought on by the beach hotel. This Africa beach is a part of the ecotrails to which visitors are treated if staying at the beach resort and spa. Planning a wedding and getting married on Kenya beautiful Serena Africa beach is an unforgettable experience and one in a lifetime, with the help of the trained and experienced staff of the Serena Beach hotel and Spa. From the Serena Africa beach, The Shimba Hills National Reserve is not far away, and guided tours can be organised, or for greater adventure, maps can be followed for a personalized tour. With Somalia on its northeastern side, Uganda in the northwest, Tanzania on the northwest and Ethiopia on the north, The Republic of Kenya is one of Africa’s most amazing countries. Kenya covers an area of 580,000 square kilometers and has an estimated population of 39 million. Nairobi is the capital of Kenya.

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