Sandy Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

Sandy Bay beach, Africa, is one of the interesting places in Cape Town. The calm waters and fine sand of this African beach offer great opportunities for relaxing, sun bathing, jogging, networking, kayaking, picnicking, surfing, snorkeling and swimming. Sandy Bay beach, is peculiar for many reasons, most of which stems from the beach’s seclusion from the local public, roads and towns. It is therefore with a lot of curiosity that many tourists who go to Cape Town visit this African beach at Sand Bay. For some adventure, visitors tend to visit Sandy Bay in Cape Town. 

This Africa beach is not easily accessible, and requires a twenty minute walk before actually reaching the beach itself. The African beach is laden with powdery white sand, and clustered with rocks and boulders at the upper part of the beach. Sandy Bay beach, Africa, is known for the liberty at which visitors are to bathe in the nude, which is generally usual for beaches in Africa. This is because of the general inaccessibility of this beach in Africa, which would not be regularly visited by large numbers of people from the local public. Due to this though, there is much reason to exercise caution whenever visiting this African beach at Sandy Bay. There have been unfortunate incidents because of the secluded nature of the beach. Gays are commonly known to visit Sandy Bay beach, Africa, and great surfing and body boarding opportunities may arise If sea swells are large enough Unlike many other Africa beaches, there are no hotels, resorts or guest houses on or near Sandy Bay. 

Accommodation is therefore obtained in Cape Town or in other areas where tourists are able to obtain proper hotel services and accommodation of their choice. In addition to going to this Africa beach in Cape Town, there are many sites that can be visited while on vacation in Africa. These areas include Cape Point, Lion’s Head, Rhodes Memorial, Signal Hill, Gordon’s Bay to Rooi Els and Chapmans Peak Drive, each of which offer scenic views and unique features. Visiting either of these sites before or after heading to the African beach at Sandy Bay is always a great way to spend a day in Cape Town. Sandy Bay beach, Africa, is located between Cape Point and Cape Town, along the road. 

This beach in Africa lies adjacent to Llandudno and is known as one of the final stretches of coast in Cape Town, which makes it rather private and secluded. This road where Sandy Bay beach, Africa is found leads to Melkbosstrand, where Table Mountain can be seen. Melkbosstrand, which is not too far away from Sandy Bay beach, Africa, has a large shopping mall and movie houses. Besides the regular entrance, Sandy bay beach, Africa can be approached if coming from the dunes at Hout Bay and continues all the way to Gordon’s Bay. This presents wonderful opportunities for strolling and exercising, but of course, whilst exercising extreme caution over rocky hills and from mischievous men.

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