Africa Beaches and Resorts in Egypt

There are quite a few of Africa beaches to choose from in Egypt. The Red Sea offers the opportunity of visiting and bathing in its historical waters, whilst other coves and beaches offer their own unique experiences. Some Africa beaches are more developed than other, meeting international standards and frequently accommodate visitors from diverse locations around the world, including locally. Africa beaches in Alexandria, Egypt, are among the most popular beaches in Egypt. They offer a variety of beach options, ranging from simple beach camp settings to more luxurious ambiences and accommodations such as resorts, inns, villas and hotels. You can read about real estate options for citizenship by investment programs in Dominica or St Kitts, our partners is an government licensed agents, also they offer ofshore services like Nevis company formation.

The Hurghada Beach is an Africa beach located in North Africa that has been developed with a lot of foresight. This Africa beach is therefore intended to be way over international standards now and in the future, making it a sustainable and promising Africa beach. Hurghada beach Africa has become popular among many Europeans who have made it a custom to visit this beach in Egypt annually. One of the main attractions of this Africa beach is the Hurghada Beach Resort, along with many other private Africa beach resorts that align the coast and surrounding areas.

Most beach facilities cater to families and offer comprehensive packages for water sports, beach volley ball, basket ball, tennis, squash and other forms of sports that can be enjoyed by anyone visiting this beach in Africa. Squash has become popular at this beach, to the extent that major international tournaments are held and feature well known squash athletes internationally. In addition to the Hurghada Beach Resort at this Africa beach is the Jolie Ville Golf Resort, which is located at the Sharm El Sheikh. This resort which is not far away from this Hurghada beach in Africa has become the home of many international PGA championships and welcomes thousands of visitors from around the world. Travelling to and from the Africa beach and other towns is facilitated by shuttle service provided by the Golf Resort. It is therefore possible to go on tours of that part of Egypt, meet people and visit historical sites by private taxi or on tour excursions organised by the resort which is not too far from the Africa beach. 

This beach which is ideally situated on the Red Sea is also graced with the presence of the Moevenpick Resort. This resort on Hurghada Africa beach is known for the Spa El Gauna, Angsana Spa, golf course and diving centrer. The entire property is beautifully landscaped, and gardens are extensive, portraying many varieties of Africa beach flora and indigenous Egyptian plants. The dining facilities and recreational grounds at Moevenpick Resort are superb. Hurghada Africa beach in Egypt offers a Hilton Hurghada Long Beach Resort as another option to stay whilst visiting. This resort has been identified as being ideal for young couples and groups because of the opportunities offered for sports, fun and recreation. The swimming pool at this Africa beach resort is indeed a marvel, enhancing the possibilities for relaxation and entertainment. On one of the cozy Africa beaches in Africa, the Triton Empire Beach Resort is a real tropical paradise and experience thanks to its amazing blossoming gardens, palm trees and myriads of brilliant flowers. This resort is strategically located near the center of the town of Hurghada. Tours can be organised to visit Africa beaches along the historic Red Sea and other Egyptian historical sites. The possibilities for shopping traditional Egyptian items are endless. Egypt is located in North Africa and is officially the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Egypt is transcontinental with Israel and the Gaza Strip on the northeastern side of the country, the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Sudan to the south, the Red Sea is located in the eat and on the west is Libya. Egypt is regarded as one of the most prominent countries within the Mediterranean, the Nile Basin, the Red Sea region and the Islamic World, has an area of 390.000 square miles, and an estimated population of 78.7 million.

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